It was a difficult season for Wheaton’s club hockey team.  With many players graduated and others unable to return, the goal this year was to keep the program going.  Although they faced experienced competition, they played with heart as they gave their best effort to each outing on the ice.  Their season came to an abrupt end when several hockey payers were involved in a serious accident which resulted in the loss of freshman team member Jeff Keul.  Five other players, Dave McKay, Ben Roth, Sean Duggan, Jamie Fulton, and Bob Correll, were hospitalized for various injuries.  The campus and team responded by drawing together with prayer and encouragement for the family and friends of those involved.  Many students attended Jeff’s funeral service.  In addition, a memorial service was held on campus in honor of him.  The campus was also able to recognize Mr. Curtis Spears, the good samaritan truck driver who responded at the scene of the accident.  Building on the adversity of the season and their 9-1 victory over University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Wheaton’s hockey team expects to be back next season stronger and more unified than ever.

Team: Chad Gauger, Jason Mauricio, Brian Sole, Scott DeVries, Justin Jacobson, Dave Leishman, Kreh Germaine, Brad Warren, Jeff Keul, Ben Roth, Jamie Fulton, Sean Duggan, Bob Correll, Andy Gascha, Rob Van Edeskuty

General Manager: Clarence “C-Train” Edwards

Coach: Mike Venneri

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